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Congratulations to Bevis Jordan and Bozo the winners of the 2019 Northumberland League. Pushing Bevis all the way was Lilburn head Shepherd,  Michael Davidson with his small in stature big in heart, Angus. Well done to everyone competing in the Open and Novice...More more

Check out latest results on that page and the trial diary...More more

Congratulations to Telf Joff on winning the Northumberland Nursery League 2018/2019 Bred by Pete Telfer out of his Telf Stella a daughter of Spreme Champion Neil Mcvicar's Spot. Emma has a fantastic season and will represent Northumberland at the forthcoming English Nursery...More more

Congratulations to David Henderson and Star on winning the 2018 Northumberland open league     ...More more

Semen Available

Rainow Todd

Rainow Todd is a free flanking fast moving dog with a good steady follow, he is quick to respond to any commands. He was fully broken by 9 months and ran in his first open aged 13 months gaining 6th...

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Dogs at Stud

Northtyne Boon

A very exciting prospect. Semen stored and for sale.Semen already gone to New Zealand. Good outrunner, full of desire to work sheep. Natural driver, and big engine. D.N.A. Normal for CEA, IGS, TNS and SN Sire Arne Sands Shep, from Norway. Dam Queen,...

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Northumberland Novice League 2020/2021

1stClaudia PattinsonGreylees Jean12
2ndCiaran McNultyJill6

Northumberland Nursery League 2020/2021

1stMichael Davidson Poppy14
2ndDavid HendersonBurndale Ben9
3rdBevis JordanBlaze8
4thMichael Davidson Groesfaen Rhanne7
5thEwan Irvine Tess6
6thPaul TurnbullJim4
7thMike NorthwoodNorthtyne Norman4
8thSteve MasseyPip3
9thBevis JordanFlake3
10thEwan IrvineGreylees Rita2
11thBevis JordanJudge1
12thTony IleyHottbank Crick1

Northumberland Novice League 2019/2020

1stClaire MurphyTansy24
2ndClaudia PattinsonGraylees Jean24
3rdJohn TullochGem12
4thAdam SaulTess6

Northumberland Nursery League 2019/2020

1stEmma GrayMegan29
2ndMichael Davidson Shilvington Blair28
3rdKeith PrestonRoss26
4thPaul TurnbullDeb22
5thPete Telfer Telf Jin21
6thMichael Davidson Poppy21
7thDavid HendersonBurndale Sprite18
8thTony IleyWatson15
9thBevis JordanCoon11
10thSteve MasseyFly10
11thBevis JordanBoss8
12thColin BalmbroBill6
13thEwan IrvineJed5
14thMark Day Rosie4
15thDavid HendersonBurndale Bree4
16thMike NorthwoodNorthtyne Boon3
17thPaul BristowSkye1

Northumberland League 2019

1stBevis JordanBozo53
2ndMichael Davidson Angus51
3rdBevis JordanBurndale Cis23
4thJonjo PattinsonBoo21
5thMichael Davidson Groesfaen Taff15
6thMark DayJune14
7thEwan IrvineDennis14
8thMike NorthwoodSam13
9thKeith PrestonRoy11
10thEmma GrayTelf Joff10
11thEmma GrayTweedale Jamie9
12thColin BalmbroLiz9
13thMark DayDon7
14thSteve MasseyLyn6
15thMark DayDavey5
16thBevis JordanAngel5
17thPaul TurnbullDan4
18thEwan IrvineLarry4
19thMichael Davidson Dot4
20thMike NorthwoodGlan y Gors Cian3
21stPete TelferTelf Stella3
22ndPete TelferTelf Jill2
23rdKeith PrestonScruff2
24thSusan PearsonGelert2
25thDavy BaxterLaddie1

Northumberland Novice League 2018/2019

1stSusan PearsonGelert30
2ndClaudia PattinsonGraylees Jean18
3rdSusan PearsonHettie6
4thSteven MacauleyPete6
5thSteven MacauleyJack6

Northumberland Nursery League 2018/2019

1stEmma GrayTelf Joff36
2ndEmma GrayBrenna33
3rdPete TelferTelf Jill31
4thColin BalmbroLiz29
5thMichael DavidsonAngus25
6thPaul TurnbullChip23
7thEmma GrayNessie19
8thEwan IrvineDan17
9thMike NorthwoodGlan y Gors Cian15
10thBevis JordanTuff14
11thDavid HendersonBurndale Joe3
12thTony IleySnap3
13thKeith PrestonHelga1
14thSteven MacauleyPete1
15thMichael DavidsonDot1

Northumberland Nursery League, 2017/2018

1stBevis JordanBurndale Cis31
2ndDavid HendersonBurndale Storm28
3rdKeith PrestonScruff27
4thPaul TurnbullChip22
5thPete TelferTelf Jill22
6thDavid HendersonBurndale Sleet17
7thTony IleyY15
8thColin BalmbroLiz15
9thMike Northwood Denwyn Dyllis8
10thScott SmithBelle8
11thEwan IrvineDennis4
12thMichael DavidsonReiver Rory4
13thPete TelferTelf Coal4
14thPete TelferTelf Chas2
15thDavid HendersonBurndale Sweep2
16thPaul BristowHarley1

Northumberland Open League 2017

1stKeith PrestonRoy40
2ndEmma GrayTweeddale Jamie35
3rdBevis JordanBozo33
4thBevis JordanAngel23
5thJonjo PattinsonBoo19
6thColin BalmbroScott18
7thMike NorthwoodQueen15
8thMichael DavisonArdmore Corrie14
9thMichael DavidsonGroesfaen Taff12
10thKeith Preston Cammen Nip12
11thDavid HendersonStar11
12thEwan IrvineGypsy11
13thMike NorthwoodLlangwm Floyd8
14thJonjo PattinsonGraylees Jean7
15thTony IleyKep7
16thDavy BaxterLaddie6
17thRon MacraeBlue6
18thPete TelferThe Bling6
19thScott SmithGail6
20thMike NorthwoodCilla5
21stDavid HendersonBurndale Brad4
22ndDom Naylor4
23rdBevis JordanShasta3

Northumberland Nursery League 2016/2017

1stDavid HendersonJILL58
2ndBevis JordanBozo54
3rdBevis JordanShasta36
4thMike NorthwoodLlangwm Floyd24
5thPeter Telfer Telf Kettle22
6thScott SmithGail18
7thJonjo PattinsonCowpebottom Black9
8thCiaran McNultyKim8
9thMichael DavidsonTwm7
10thMichael StephensonPeg6
11thKeith PrestonMac4
12thTony IleyKep3
13thTony IleyMaz1
14thEwan IrvineBruce1

Northumberland Open League 2016

1stPaul TurnbullGlen43
2ndPaul TurnbullMik42
3rdBevis JordanAngel30
4thMike NorthwoodQueen23
5thPete TelferBling23
6thMichael DavidsonGroesfaen Taff20
7thKeith PrestonNip17
8thEmma GrayTweedale Jamie15
9thEmma GrayBlue11
10thJonjo PattinsonBoo10
11thJonjo PattinsonGraylees Jean10
12thColin BalmbroChip10
13thDavid HendersonStar8
14thMike NorthwoodCilla8
15thColin BalmbroScott8
16thMichael DavidsonArdmore Corrie7
17thBevis JordanSage7
18thDavid HendersonBurndale Brad7
19thBevis JordanBozo6
20thRon MacraeBlue5
21stPaul BristowRicky5
22ndEwan IrvineGypsy5
23rdKeith PrestonRoy4
24thDominic NaylorMoss4
25thDavy BaxterLaddie3
26thPaul Bristow Fly3
27thPete TelferStella2
28thLawrence ArcherMac1

Northumberland Nursery League, 2015/2016

1stBevis JordanAngel39
2ndEmma GrayTweedale Jamie38
3rdEmma GrayGraylees Fred32
4thDavid HendersonBurndale Fen26
5thMichael DavidsonArdmore Corrie20
6thPete TelferTelf Kettle12
7thEmma GrayHoggy12
8thBevis JordanDude9
9thPaul BristowFly8
10thDavy BaxterLaddie5
11thMark DayJune5
12thRon MacraeWill2
13thScott SmithGail1
14thTony IleyZike1

Northumberland League Leaderboard

1stPaul TurnbullMick52
2ndPaul TurnbullGlen30
3rdMichael DavidsonGrosfaen Taff28
4thTony IleyBoo22
5thBevis JordanSage22
6thBevis JordanPearl20
7thPete TelferBling19
8thMike NorthwoodQueen19
9thMike NorthwoodCilla14
10thKerry WattReba14
11thGordon WattHuthwaite Storm12
12thDavid HendersonPeg11
13thColin BalmbroScott10
14thDavid HendersonStar10
15thDavid HendersonBurndale Chief10
16thColin BalmbroChip7
17thRon MacraeBlue7
18thBen SmithZac4
19thDomonic NaylorMoss4
20thDavy BaxterDon4
21stPete TelferTelf Stella4
22ndScott SmithKim3
23rdPaul BristowRicky3
24thMichelle AndersonRed2
25thJonjo PattinsonGraylees Jean2
26thMichael DavidsonLinburn Phil1
27thBen SmithBen1