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With two trials this weekend the 16/17 of July we now have a 5 dog tie at the top of the table. Keith Preston and Nip, 11 Pete Telfer with Bling, 11 Paul Turnbull with Mik and Glen, 11 each And Emma Gray with...More more

Well done Bevis "Elvis" Jordan, for winning the 2105/2016 Nursery League. It was a great tussle between him and Emma Gray and went down to the final trial. All the trial winners competed in a National style Championship, with a shed pen...More more

Congratulations to Paul Turnbull and Mick on winning the Northumberland League. He was second with his other dog Glen. What a great season had by all. Kindly Sponsored by East Woodburn Boarding Kennels and Gilbertson and Page....More more

The 2015 Irish National results are as follows: 1st & National champion: Sammy Long, Moss, 192 points; 2nd, Ned O'Keefe, Jess, 183; 3rd, Aidan Gallagher, Cain, 182; 4th, Frankie McCullough, Jake, 181; 5th, Martin Feeney, Jack, 176; 6th, James McGee, Glencregg Silver, 175, OLF 82, drives...More more

Semen Available

John Barleycorn

SH CH Rocheby Old Smokey X Balrion Weathertop Jane Eyre DOB 6/10/07 BVA Hips 3/4 Elbows 0/0 Optigen Normal Eyes Cleared...

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Dogs at Stud

Emma Gray's trial winner, Roy

English Team Member 2011 Open Trial winner Works ewes and lambs and is a great work dog. Good temperament. Frozen semen available...

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Dogs for Sale


Three dog pups available, 7weeks old wormed and ready any time . Farm bred from working parents. ...

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Northumberland Open League 2016

1stPaul TurnbullMik28
2ndPaul TurnbullGlen25
3rdBevis JordanAngel19
4thPete TelferBling17
5thKeith PrestonNip12
6thEmma GrayBlue11
7thMike NorthwoodQueen9
8thDavid HendersonBurndale Brad7
9thMichael DavidsonGroesfaen Taff6
10thMichael DavidsonArdmore Corrie6
11thRon MacraeBlue5
12thEmma GrayTweedale Jamie5
13thBevis JordanSage5
14thJonjo PattinsonGraylees Jean5
15thMike NorthwoodCilla4
16thDominic NaylorMoss3
17thDavid HendersonStar3
18thDavy BaxterLaddie3
19thPaul BristowRocky2
20thJonjo PattinsonBoo2

Northumberland Nursery League, 2015/2016

1stBevis JordanAngel39
2ndEmma GrayTweedale Jamie38
3rdEmma GrayGraylees Fred32
4thDavid HendersonBurndale Fen26
5thMichael DavidsonArdmore Corrie20
6thPete TelferTelf Kettle12
7thEmma GrayHoggy12
8thBevis JordanDude9
9thPaul BristowFly8
10thDavy BaxterLaddie5
11thMark DayJune5
12thRon MacraeWill2
13thScott SmithGail1
14thTony IleyZike1

Northumberland League Leaderboard

1stPaul TurnbullMick52
2ndPaul TurnbullGlen30
3rdMichael DavidsonGrosfaen Taff28
4thTony IleyBoo22
5thBevis JordanSage22
6thBevis JordanPearl20
7thPete TelferBling19
8thMike NorthwoodQueen19
9thMike NorthwoodCilla14
10thKerry WattReba14
11thGordon WattHuthwaite Storm12
12thDavid HendersonPeg11
13thColin BalmbroScott10
14thDavid HendersonStar10
15thDavid HendersonBurndale Chief10
16thColin BalmbroChip7
17thRon MacraeBlue7
18thBen SmithZac4
19thDomonic NaylorMoss4
20thDavy BaxterDon4
21stPete TelferTelf Stella4
22ndScott SmithKim3
23rdPaul BristowRicky3
24thMichelle AndersonRed2
25thJonjo PattinsonGraylees Jean2
26thMichael DavidsonLinburn Phil1
27thBen SmithBen1