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Glencregg Silver

Owner: James Mcgee

ISDS No. 00/327528

Pedigree: Download

Owners Comments:
Glencregg Silver

Silver's record speaks for itself. He is the best dog that I have ever worked with. From six months of age, I started to train him. And at under 8 months of age, he was on the trial field. And very quickly made his mark. Finishing 3rd in Nursery league ( Donegal Section ) and went on to win North of Ireland Nursery Final 2014 at 10 months of age . I am not quite sure , but I think Silver has won almost 15 opens, from February to August 2014. Being placed 6th in World Trial and crowned it off with winning the International Supreme Championship . I think he is the youngest dog to ever do this and also to win both Nursery Final and Supreme in the same year?

Silvers ability with sheep is the best I have ever seen. (And yes this is a big statement) . But Silver has a tremendous nack at landing at the right spot behind the sheep on the outrun. Sometimes looking as if he has stopped short and other times looking as if he has over shot. But if you wait until the sheep have lifted, you will discover that he is 100% correct every time. And he does this every time without command. Took me a little while to discover that he was best left to do this himself. Like his mother Becca , sheep seem to really like him . He applies the right amount of pressure, should the sheep be heavy or light. Just when I thought Silver couldn't impress me any more, he did. This happened in the final at he World Trial. Silver had a very good start. First outrun lift and fetch, almost perfect. Then on the turn back for the second packet of sheep, he got it wrong. Mainly my fault for not flanking him wide enough. And for such a young dog the amount of time spent trying to get him to go back on the right line. A fair amount of pressure applied, most dogs would have folded. But having reached the second packet from the wrong side. Silver just settled into the job, lifted the sheep and carried on as if nothing had ever happened. (A TRUE PROFESSIONAL) James P Mc Gee September 2014.

Open Trial Results Silver 2014

2nd Jan Loughlin Conn Limavady Co Derry 5th Place

9th Feb Charlie Flood Fanad Donegal 1st Place

23rd Feb Paul Rodgers Manor Donegal 5th Place

2nd March James P Mc Gee Creggan Ballybofey 1st Place

5th April Eamon McAuley Toome 1st Place

12th April Eamon McAuley Toome 1st Place

18th May Manorcunningham 3rd Place

17th May Eamon McAuley Toome 1st Place

24th May James P McGee Creggan Ballybofey 1st Place

30th May Allistair and David Lyttle Pettigo Trial One 4th Place
Trial Two 3rd Place

31st May Seamus Gallagher Newtowncrommelin 6th Place

14th June Glenravel and District Working Sheepdog Society Newtowncrommelin 1st Place

21st June Charlie Lynch Killen 1st Place

4th-6th July lsIe of man 1st Place qualifying trial day 2, Placed 3rd in double lift final.

19th July Plumbridge Co Tyrone 2nd Place

20th July Churchill Co. Donegal 1st Place

26th July Irish National 2014, Burt 8th Place

27th July Dunfanaghy Co. Donegal 1st Place

3rd August Termon and District Sheepdog Trials 1st Place

4th August Bonniconlon Co. Mayo 1st Place

5th August Clonmany Agricultural Show 1st Place

30th August North of Ireland SDS Trial 2nd Place

12th September 2014 Supreme Champion

Ordering Information

In most cases the semen will be sent in a 12 Kgs dry shipper. The shipper costs over £1000, so to keep transport costs to a minimum we will hire the shipper from the storage Veterinary clinic on your behalf. The shipping quote will include the tank and semen plus the return flight of the tank to the Vets. The semen is safe for up to 21 days using this method should there be any hold up in transit due to weather or Customs. In some cases the semen can be sent using a disposable shipper. This keeps the semen frozen for 4 days and can be used on short trips if we are confident the shipping company can deliver with no hold ups.

The semen is stored with different Vets due to where the dogs were collected. In some cases we can join other shipments to share transport costs. If we know of another shipment that you could join it may incur moving the semen by courier across Britain to the shipping Vet. The usual cost of this service is around £100 (Sterling) but it could save you twice this amount in shared shipping.

All semen collected and offered for sale on Come-Bye is expertly taken and frozen by competent specialist Veterinarians. At no time is it interfered with and is kept within the confines of each practice. All storage tanks are checked regularly and inspected by professional companies. The semen is of top quality and not offered for sale if the Vet has any doubts.

If there isn’t a dog which you like on the register please feel free to ask about any you would like collecting from.