Artificial Insemination FAQ's

How is semen collected?
Semen is collected following the donor dog courting an in season bitch. Instead of allowing full intercourse, the donor dogs penis is not allowed to enter the bitch and is manually stimulated to allow a tie and ejaculation/semen collection to occur.
Does it cause the dog any discomfort/pain?
Absolutely not. As far as the dog is concerned he has just had sex with the bitch.
Is the process safe for the dog and for the bitch?
How high is the success rate for matings?
Following a carefully managed plan Ai using frozen semen results in conception rates in excess of 80%, however the litter size is often smaller than under normal mating conditions. There are 2 AI techniques, surgical or transcervical. The transcervical technique is less invasive to the bitch but is often less successful.
How is the Semen stored ?
Semen is stored in pellet or straws in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees celcius.
How long does it remain viable for use?
Semen stored in liquid nitrogen has usually got a shelf life in excess of one hundred years.
How is semen transported? Why is it so expensive to transport?
Semen is transported in either dry or wet Liquid nitrogen canisters which are in effect specialised and expensive thermos flasks. It is important to note that not all shippers handle Liquid Nitrogen containers . Costs to ship are not that expensive, but merely reflect the fact that you pay shipper rental and return shipment fees.
How can I be sure the straw you are selling is from the dog you claim?
DNA testing is available. All AI certificates and semen collection certificates should be backed up by vet certification. Do not accept semen without this. NB. Most societies WILL NOT countenance special cases after AI but will discuss them IF you have not done the deed yet. Come-Bye require the dog to be microchipped in order to prove the identity and are currently considering whether a benefit could be gained from mandating that the bitch is also microchipped.
Can puppies born using AI be registered with the I.S.D.S.?
YES, Come-Bye are the only registered organisation recognised by the ISDS.
What costs am I likely to incur?
Semen collection and assessment £75
Semen freezing at £15/dose.
Semen Processed but does not pass quality control £25 /ejaculate.
There are also semen storage, shipping and certification costs involved in the process and these should be discussed at the time of collection.
How does Come-Bye make its money?
See our Tariff page for further details