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Owner: Gwynfor Owen

ISDS No. 263935

Pedigree: Download

Owners Comments:
Zac is a classy, powerful dog who has never taken a backward step when working stock. He is a natural out runner and is equally at home on the hill or on the trials field. He is brown and white, pricked ears and has stamina to spare and he enjoys large difficult courses and has been a regular winner on the North Wales trials circuit. He has been a popular stud dog and has gained a reputation as a very good breeder of working and trial dogs.
He is DNA Normal
ISDS Registration No 263935 D.O.B 04.03.03
Kennel Club registration no. AM0901081
Microchip no. 981000002771171

Welsh team member 2009 and 2011
Welsh driving champion 2011
Talgarreg Double Fetch Trial 2010 - 4th
Deerplay Final 2007 - 2008 - 2009 and was was 2nd in 2009
Vivod Champion 2008

Ordering Information

In most cases the semen will be sent in a 12 Kgs dry shipper. The shipper costs over £1000, so to keep transport costs to a minimum we will hire the shipper from the storage Veterinary clinic on your behalf. The shipping quote will include the tank and semen plus the return flight of the tank to the Vets. The semen is safe for up to 21 days using this method should there be any hold up in transit due to weather or Customs. In some cases the semen can be sent using a disposable shipper. This keeps the semen frozen for 4 days and can be used on short trips if we are confident the shipping company can deliver with no hold ups.

The semen is stored with different Vets due to where the dogs were collected. In some cases we can join other shipments to share transport costs. If we know of another shipment that you could join it may incur moving the semen by courier across Britain to the shipping Vet. The usual cost of this service is around £100 (Sterling) but it could save you twice this amount in shared shipping.

All semen collected and offered for sale on Come-Bye is expertly taken and frozen by competent specialist Veterinarians. At no time is it interfered with and is kept within the confines of each practice. All storage tanks are checked regularly and inspected by professional companies. The semen is of top quality and not offered for sale if the Vet has any doubts.

If there isn’t a dog which you like on the register please feel free to ask about any you would like collecting from.