Posted on 4th August 2014

Would any one be interested in semen from Kevin Evan's

Jimmy, Greg or Caleb.

Please email me at

Semen collection
Posted on 16th May 2014

Our Vets are in the Malvern area on the Monday 19th May and Tuesday 20th May.

If anyone would like to collect semen from their dog now is the opportunity. Anyone any breed is welcome. Please contact me on 07816 533804.

Gwynfor Owen's Zac sires another litter by A.I.
Posted on 28th March 2014



Zac sires another beautiful litter. This beautiful litter of seven belong to Elaine Rohde in New Zealand.

The mother Aquila Lightning Bolt TCQ is Elaine's pride and joy. More pictures to follow


A.I. Pups born in Australia
Posted on 18th January 2014

18 January 2014

A beautiful litter of puppies born  to Deb Kelly's Cait which was Artificially Inseminated by semen from Gwynfor Owen's Zac  ISDS 263395. Congratulations to all concerned.

Emma Gray and Roy ,Northumberland League winners 2013
Posted on 30th October 2013

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