Angel wins the Nursery league.
Posted on 17th January 2016

Well done Bevis "Elvis" Jordan, for winning the 2105/2016 Nursery League.

It was a great tussle between him and Emma Gray and went down to the final trial.

All the trial winners competed in a National style Championship, with a shed pen and single.

The champion was David Henderson and Burndale Fen.

The trials were ably judged by Mark Elliott of Lazonby.

Northumberland League
Posted on 11th October 2015

Congratulations to Paul Turnbull and Mick on winning the Northumberland League.

He was second with his other dog Glen.

What a great season had by all. Kindly Sponsored by East Woodburn Boarding Kennels and Gilbertson and Page.

2015 Irish Team
Posted on 16th August 2015

The 2015 Irish National results are as follows:

1st & National champion: Sammy Long, Moss, 192 points;

2nd, Ned O'Keefe, Jess, 183;

3rd, Aidan Gallagher, Cain, 182;

4th, Frankie McCullough, Jake, 181;

5th, Martin Feeney, Jack, 176;

6th, James McGee, Glencregg Silver, 175, OLF 82, drives 42;

7th, Jonny Cremin, Sally, 175, OLF 82, drives 39;

8th, Michael Gallagher, Flo, 172;

9th, J. O'Brien, Shep, 168;

10th, J.F. Rooney, Taff, 168;

11th, James McCloskey, Kim, 166;

12th, Martin O'Malley, Groesfaen Jock, 165;

13th, Bill Seale, Dan, 164;

14th, James McGee, Seth, 164;

15th, Loughlin Conn, Ben, 160.

Reserve, Frankie McCullough, Spot, 160.



Champion: Ned O'Keefe, Dunedin Tina and Jess, 212;

Runner-up: Sammy Long, Moss and Sam, 205.



England team 2015
Posted on 9th August 2015

1st & English National champion:
Run no. 127 - Dick Roper, Spot, 200 points, 1st in run-off;

2nd: Run no. 20 - Mark Elliott, Pat, 190, 2nd in the run-off;

3rd: Run no. 90 - Vic Morris, Bob, 192, 3rd in the run-off;

4th: Run no. 142 - Gordon Watt, Huthwaite Storm, 188;

5th: Run no. 100 - Mark Elliott, Tip, 184;

6th: Run no. 45 - Kevin Dodd, Malpas Bill, 176;

7th: Run no. 114 - Richard Smith, Shinehill Glen, 188;

8th: Run no. 78 - Derek Scrimgeour, Fleece, 179;

9th: Run no. 21 - Ray Edwards, Bob, 175;

10th: Run no. 150 - Paul Turnbull, Glen, 186;

11th: Run no. 74 - Thomas Longton, Maya, 176;

12th: Run no. 5 - Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 171;

13th: Run no. 115 - Jim Nicholls, Joe, 184;

14th: Run no. 69 - Tom Huddleston, Udale Jet, 176;

15th: Run no. 50 - James Gilman, Bob, 167.

Reserve: Bob Watson, Max, 166.



English National Sheepdog trials
Posted on 9th August 2015

A great three days was had by all at the 3 day trial. The sheep supplied by Ben Kidd were very good and pretty consistent.

The vast course was a test for the dogs but well set out for the dogs and competitors.The local committee had worked tirelessley to make the event unfold like clockwork.

Congratulations to Dick Roper and Spot with a tremendous run on Saturday to win the day and to then win the run-off.

Good luck to all the other competitors, who are going to represent our great country. Lets win it this year  and fly the flag of saint George in victory. 

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