David Henderson
Posted on 3rd November 2018

Congratulations to David Henderson and Star on winning the 2018 Northumberland open league



David Henderson

Keith Preston wins the Open league
Posted on 17th October 2017

Congratulations to Keith Preston and his dog Roy, who are the 2017 Northumberland league Champions.

Roy came second at the Alwinton trial to secure a league victory over Emma Gray and her sleek coated Tweedale Jamie.


Well done from all of us.

Tweedale Jamie
Posted on 6th July 2017

Emma Gray has stormed in to an early lead in the 2017 Northumberland league.

Keith Preston and Bevis Jordan are hunting her down, so all eyes are on the result from the next trial at Lilburn estates.

Enjoyable Trialing
Posted on 15th June 2017

We enjoyed a good trial at the Heugh Bellingham on the 10th of June.

The sheep were good but tricky on their first visit around the grassland course. Pure stockmanship came to the fore, when it came to handling the blackfaced hoggs at the pen and shed. Bevis Jordan and Angel worked particularly well, on the early packets, as did Mark Elliott and his ever faithful Pat.

The sheep went back and were more liable to walk around the course if handled correctly. This was done by Colin Balmbro and the good looking Scott, by taking the lead with a very tidy run on 89 points.

Bevis also ran well with Bozo, who tried his heart out to box them at the pen. As usual the two of the dolly birds on the trial circuit, Emma and Katy, running the classy Tweedale Jamie and Zac respectfully were in complete control.

A big thankyou for David Robinson, for letting us hold the trial and Malcolm Mason for making a very good job of judging.

Congratulations to Paul Turnbull.
Posted on 9th October 2016

Congratulations to Paul Turnbull on winning the Northumberland League yet again.

This years Champion is Glen, and in Second place was Paul's other dog Mik.

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