Trial Photos - Debdon Open, July 1st 2012

Mark Day aka Ridley Scott
Irene Turnbull booking in.
Geoff Pringle and Gordon Thompson
Cameron Dickson's Scott
Archie Tait's Dale
Archie Tait and Dale
Tom Cruise with Queen (lol)
Andrew Emmerson and Gordon Thompson
Domonic Naylor
Mark Aries
Jim Easton. ISDS Chairman.
Paul Turnbull. The Host
Gordon Thompson setting Red off on his outrun.
Red starting his drive.
Gordon Rogerson, The Judge.
A visiting dog from Belgium
Scott Smiith, Johnny Robinson and Paul Turnbull book in with Irene Turnbull.
Alan Clark and Hillmoor Cap
Hillmoor Cap
Hillmoor Cap putting the brakes on.
Cousins. Pete Telfer and Kath Lyon
Mrs Gordon Watt