D.N.A. Genotype (Normal) Which can be mated to "Normal" and Genotype "Carrier"Bitches

Jack is a very classy and stylish useful young dog that is very Easily handled, always there by your side willing! he’s a dog that can handle the heaviest or lightest of sheep with a very natural feel for sheep. He's got plenty of power and is a good outrunner with very natural square flanks, he’s a very good listener and has a superb nature with other animals and children, will travel in pick up, bike and tractor with no problem and has no quirks, this dog will do a hard shift under any pressure! He’s becoming a top class hill dog and will work cattle also. He has some real nice and different dogs in his pedigree
CEA -clear
TNS- clear
SN - clear


Registration No.To be confirmed
Unfrozen Semen Available:Yes
Frozen Semen Available:No